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Arthroscopic knee procedures refer to minimally invasive knee surgery. During these types of procedures Dr Ackermann makes use of an arthroscope in order to examine and treat the inside of the knee joint.

The arthroscope is a small surgical tool, which is placed inside the body through a very small incision. The tool has a tiny camera on it, which allows Dr Ackermann to view the inside of the joint on a screen. By using the camera, conditions or injuries affecting the knees can be diagnosed before surgery is recommended.

When a diagnosis has been made, it is possible to perform surgery with the use of an arthroscope. In most cases, one or two tiny incisions are made in the body, through which the arthroscope is placed, along with any other required tools. This may include needles, scalpels and other surgical equipment.

There are numerous advantages to opting for arthroscopic procedures, rather than traditional surgery. Arthroscopy typically requires less recovery time, and results in minimal scarring. It also often delays or prevents the need for a total knee replacement later on, as it is possible to treat conditions that can ultimately cause diseases like osteoarthritis in the knee joints.

Arthroscopic knee procedures are often recommended to repair tears, in cases where the cartilage lining the knee is damaged. In cases where loose areas of cartilage inside the joint have become loose as a result of an injury, an arthroscopic knee procedure may be recommended as the best course of treatment.

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