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Knee osteotomies refer to procedures in which the bone is cut and reshaped to reduce pressure on the knee joint. The procedure is often recommended in cases where a patient is suffering from the early stages of osteoarthritis in one side of the knee.

Dr Ackermann may recommend a knee osteotomy in cases where it is necessary to shift weight from an arthritic area of a knee to a healthier, stronger part. The procedure is also highly effective in repairing poor alignment in the knees, as well as to increase the life span of the knee, and as such, delay the need for total knee replacement surgery.

In general, knee osteotomies are performed on the tibia, where a section of bone is removed so that the leg can be straightened. After the procedure, patients typically find that they are able to carry weight more evenly, which relieves pressure and pain on the arthritic knee joint.

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