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Dr Ackermann performs a wide range of procedures for the treatment of hip pain. Some of his services include the management of:

Hip pain and stiffness

Hip pain can be felt in various areas, including the thigh, the inside or outside of the hip joint, the groin and buttocks. Hip pain and stiffness can be caused by strains in the muscles and tendons, as well as by conditions like osteoarthritis and tendinitis. Although in some cases these conditions can be treated with medication, it is often necessary to consider surgical options. Dr Ackermann will advise you of the best treatment plan, depending on your specific needs. One of the most common procedures that may be recommended for the treatment of hip pain and stiffness is hip replacement surgery.

Fractures and dislocations

Hip fractures and dislocations usually require surgery, although the type of procedure will depend on the type of injury as well as other factors such as age, mobility and level of pain. Before surgery is recommended, Dr Ackermann will run various tests, including x-rays and MRI scans in order to properly assess the injury.


The hip joint can become infected when bacteria spreads in the blood stream. An infection can cause severe pain, and is often treated with a procedure that involves a surgical puncture in the joint. Fluid is then collected from the joint for testing and proper diagnosis. In many cases, fluid is drained from the body in order to clear the joints of infection. Infected tissue can also be removed arthroscopically.

Welcome to Dr Ackermann's website, he specialises in Hip and Knee replacement and revision surgery as well as joint preserving surgery for hip problems in younger people. He is passionate about being an orthopaedic surgeon and helping people.

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