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An open surgical hip dislocation is a procedure during which the hip joint is dislocated in order for it to be surgically repaired. The procedure is often recommended as a course of treatment for complicated hip disorders.

In many cases, surgical dislocations are performed on patients who are relatively young, but suffer from a specific hip issue that needs to be corrected. Some of these hip disorders include complex femoroacetabular impingement deformities; major structural abnormalities of the hip joint, such as a deformed femoral head as seen in Perthes Disease or a slipped capital femoral epiphysis. The procedure may also be recommended for the treatment of articular cartilage defects (defects on the joint surface), post-traumatic hip deformities, and other conditions like tumours and fractures.

Surgical dislocations are generally very effective in treating problems with the surface cartilage, reshaping the rim of the hip socket, as well as correcting the shape of the femoral head or top of the femur bone in cases where this is necessary. Repair of labral tears is also often performed by means of surgical dislocation.

During the procedure, Dr Ackermann will cut a small section of the thigh bone in a process known as a trochanteric osteotomy. The piece of bone is then moved, so that there is access to the hip joint, and Dr Ackermann can rotate and expose the joint. At this point, the femoral head can be dislocated, and the hip socket and femoral head can be examined and repaired. The acetabular labrum and surface cartilage of the ball and socket can also be examined and treated. In some cases, Dr Ackermann will smooth out certain parts of the cartilage or bone, and the labrum of the hip joint may be repaired. Sometimes, areas of bone are shaved away from the socket and/or femur as part of this repair process.

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