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During a unicompartmental or partial knee replacement – otherwise known as a hemiarthroplasty – the damaged parts of the knee are replaced with an artificial implant, leaving the rest of the knee in untouched. Dr Ackermann performs both medial and lateral and patella-femoral unicondylar (partial) knee replacements in addition to total knee replacements and knee preservation surgeries.

Why would a unicompartmental knee replacement be deemed beneficial?

A hemiarthroplasty is often recommended in cases where the knee has only been damaged in one area, and the remaining parts of the joint are undamaged. By replacing only what is damaged, this surgery is less invasive and allows for the preservation of the healthy cartilage, bone and ligaments within the knee. A unicompartmental knee replacement is not only less invasive and requires less recovery time; it also results in a more natural feeling joint and allows for better mobility. Unlike a total knee replacement, high impact activities such as running, jogging and jumping may still be possible after surgery.

During the surgery, Dr Ackermann will be able to get a good view of the knee joint and decide if a partial knee replacement can be done. If too much of the knee joint is damaged, a total knee replacement will be performed instead.

After this type of surgery, your orthopaedic surgeon will recommend physical therapy in order to aid recovery and to restore proper mobility of the joint. Recovery may take time, and some changes to your lifestyle may be required.

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